Schools Are For Fish

Schools Are For Fish
"You can not make a child walk before they are ready. You can not make a child read before they are ready. You can however make a child think they are dumb or learn to hate reading if you push them before they are capable." -Stephanie, Throwing Marshmallows

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Son's Run In With The Dump Truck

This gruesome picture is of my 7 year old son Nehemiah. He ran his head into the dump truck parked in our yard. I told him that he looked like a killer so I had to take a picture. I told him to try to look feirce so the picture would be scarey. Ha ha ha.

The cut is quite small, no bigger than a quarter inch long, but those darned head wounds look so much worse than they are and end up scaring the crap out of parents. lol. Oh well, just one more scar for my adventurous little boy. Here he is showing me that he is okay but a little hungry. ha ha ha