Schools Are For Fish

Schools Are For Fish
"You can not make a child walk before they are ready. You can not make a child read before they are ready. You can however make a child think they are dumb or learn to hate reading if you push them before they are capable." -Stephanie, Throwing Marshmallows

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Foundation of My Faith

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Isn't this a beautiful picture? My Mommy painted it when I was very young and when my sister and brother painted her a new one about 9 years ago, I inherited this one. My husband took the rugged barn wood surrounding it and framed it. This picture always makes my house a home. Whether I just moved into a place, or if I've been there for years, this picture is the first to go up and the last to come down. This picture serves as a reminder of the love God has for me and what was completed on that cross.
The cross is my foundation and it is where I run to when I am scared, tired, or threatened in any way by the Opposer. There is no way he can move me from the base of that cross and the more he tries, the more solid in my faith I get. My picture of the crosses is not only on my wall, but in my heart. It's simple message stresses the fact that my Lord overcame death by remembering the love his Father has for him, and the love he has for his Father. I know that the foundation of the cross is love, and that is untouchable.

Essay on Reasons to Home School Your Children

Hello all, I know I have told you that my sister and I home school our 6 children but I haven't told you why. You see, it would take too long to post it here on this blog so I posted it on Associated Content's website so you all could view it if you would like to. It's about 4 pages long, so get ready for a kind of long read. If you happen to stop by the site and want to drop me a line or rate my post, please feel free to do so. Some of the topics are a little controversial guys so be prepared for that as well. Thanks for looking and here's the link:

Friday, May 25, 2007

My Sister the Dork

Hey guys, just sharing a humorous little story with you. I have a nine year old daughter and my oldest sister Theresa has a nine year old daughter. If any of you have one, you know they are concerned about a lot of things at that age, including their fingernails. They ask to paint them every Friday and they try to keep them pretty the rest of the week. Last night my sister Danyiell was feeling very ornery and thought she would play a joke on our girls. We had eaten banana splits for Danyiell's birthday so we had a bag of peanuts that was mostly left uneaten at the end of the night. Danyiell took the peanuts, peeled them and broke them apart. She grabbed Theresa's youngest daughter Hannah, who is four years old and who could care less about her nails, and rubbed the peanut on her little fingernails. Hannah just stood there, letting her Aunt Danyiell rub this nut on her nails and when Danyiell was done she asked Hannah if she could see a difference in the way her nails shine now. Hannah said yes, so Danyiell sent her outside to get the other two girls. My daughter Redemption (9) came in first and Danyiell did the same thing with her. She showed Redemption how to do this every night and had her put the dumb peanut in a bag so she could take it home. Next was Mariah (9) who came in and got the same treatment, same pitch about nightly grooming, and got a bag to take her peanut home in.

All the kids (all 6 of them) spent the night at Danyiell's last night and Danyiell went into her kids' room to check on the brood of kids before calling it a night. She was tickled to death to find ALL THREE girls rubbing the peanuts on their fingernails. Danyiell's husband noticed this same thing and asked Danyiell what the girls were doing, to which Danyiell replied, "they are using the natural oils in the peanuts to make their nails stronger." The confidence in which she said this as well as her disbelief that Sean did not know this convinced even him who said, "oh, okay," and then left the room.

Oh my gosh people!! Can you believe this strange little prank?!

So this morning, we are at Mom and Aunt Shannon's and Theresa decides she will buff Danyiell's nails with a peanut. They laughed as Theresa did one whole hand of nails. As Danyiell compared the buffed nails with the non buffed, she realized the ones that had been buffed were considerably shinier. Ha ha ha, so the joke was on her! Her goofy prank turned out to not be a prank after all.

Danyiell told me to put this little disclaimer in here:
For those of you who are allergic to peanuts or peanut oil... DO NOT try this at home!!!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hand casted memories

Hi all, we went to a S.S. Subs today and we picked up this business card that has a weblink that you guys may want to check out. It is a pretty neat idea. You can get your hand casted as well as your children's hands too. Or you can get your children's hands linked together if that is more what you would like. These are really cute, take a look and see if it might be something you are interested in.
Here's the link:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weightloss Quest

Hey guys, just braggin about my sister again. She has another blog that is for the weightloss challanged. If you are a stay at home mom and have some weight to lose. JOIN THE CLUB!!!! Seriously, you are not alone! My sisters and I are working on losing some unwanted weight that we can no longer blame on the babies,(who are 9,8,7,4 years old) as baby fat. If you want to know our success and failures, check out the weightloss quest blog. Here's the link:

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unschooled Children Needed For Comic

Hey guys doesn't that sound like fun? Your child being in a comic. This artis Jason Holm, is on a mission to explain unschooling from a child's point of view. He is looking for "I'm looking for boys and girls ages 9-12 who have
access to a decent microphone and have an interest in reading from a
script, improvising, and talking about their interests." He is working on getting the charactors sketched up but has the personalities already down. See if one fits your child:
Sai (The Media-Master) : Video Games, movies, music, comic books. Some
think Sai just rots his brain with these things. What they don't
realize is that he's learning more about the world than they would
ever imagine. Not only does he soak up info from these sources, they
also inspire him to create his own work. Whether it's learning how to
program his own online games, making home movies for YouTube,
recording songs or drawing his own comics, creativity is his number
one goal.
Quote: "I've got an idea! I saw this in a movie once..."

Cara (The Socializer): Her homepage is MySpace, she suffers
from "Texting Thumb" and she is constantly on her cell phone. While
some wonder if she does anything but talk to her friends, they fail
to notice that she is six degrees from nearly anyone in the world --
celebrities, politicians, scientists, business owners. When she comes
across a problem she doesn't understand, she has a "friend of a
friend" on the line before others can crack open a book.
Quote: "Power stations? I know a girl who's dad works at the plant in

Rashid (The Bookworm): When asked what he didn't like about school,
Rashid's answer was "They don't let me read enough". A nose
constantly in a book, he has worn down his library card ten times in
the last year. Luckilly, Wikipedia is always online for quick
reference. His friends worry that, if the technology to allow someone
to plug an internet cable into you head is invented, he'll be first
in line.
Quote: "I don't know off hand, but I know where I can find it!"

Abila (The Engineer): Albia loves to build things, and is obsessed
with instructables. com. Whether she's in the workshop trying out a
new power tool, or hunched over a circuitboard, she's quite content
working with her hands. She loves the latest in technology, but is in
awe with the ability of ancient craftsmen. If you need something
repaired or constructed from scratch, she's your girl. Just don't
leave any new toys around her that you want to keep in one piece.
Quote: "Well of course I took it apart. How else am I going to figure
out how it works?"

Mato (The Jock): Reading about plants and animals isn't enough for
Mato. He has to experience the world first-hand. After charting a
course with Google Earth, he's hiking through trails and through the
streets of his own town. Not only does Mato appreciate the nature
found in open spaces, but the chance to hone his physical skills is
just as alluring. Whether he's practicing fencing or just learning a
new yoyo trick, Mato is a master of motion. Keeping this boy tied
down in a chair is out of the question.
Quote: "What are you all just sitting around for? Let's get out of

If you guys are interested go to his web page and shoot him an email. Here's the link:

Monday, May 21, 2007

Searching 4 Work At Home

Hey all, just thought I would let you all know that if you are looking for great tips and or ideas about working at home, my sister has the blog for you. She is researching what jobs are legit and posting the good ones on her site. If you are like us and are Mommy's at home who need money, this blog is definately something for you to take a look at. Check it out y'all.

Sunday, May 20, 2007