Schools Are For Fish

Schools Are For Fish
"You can not make a child walk before they are ready. You can not make a child read before they are ready. You can however make a child think they are dumb or learn to hate reading if you push them before they are capable." -Stephanie, Throwing Marshmallows

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Booger Contest At Church

I have to tell you guys of the events at Church this last Saturday.

My dad is the minister of our home church and sometimes he behaves quite humorously.
Right before the singing started my dad caught my nephew Nathanael (7years old) picking his nose. Dad thought it would be funny to mock Nathanael by having a "booger picking contest" right then. Dad had all of us, adults and children alike put our fingers on our noses in the "start" position. He said the first one to pull out the biggest booger would win a prize.

We all knew that Dad was being funny except poor little Nathanael, who at the second Dad said "go," started digging like he was a boy possessed. We all just stared in horror as Nathanael pulled out the biggest, slimiest booger which took up two fingers of his little hand. He flashed those two fingers to his grandpa for a fraction of a second before stuffing them in his mouth.

Our horrified gasps and "eeewwww's" did nothing to disrupt Nathanael's enjoyment of his salty treat. He just grinned as we all sat and stood there in shock.
My dad was purple in the face and doubled over gasping for air due to his vigorous laughing at this new turn of events. His whole body was shaking with mirth. We didn't know which was funnier, Dad red faced and paralysed with silent laughter, or Nathanael grinning from ear to ear as he chomped his chewy snack.

Now I wish to say that we put this little fiasco behind us and started the singing immediately following, but I cannot say that. My sister Theresa(not Nathanael's mom) asked what Nathanael had won. This question sent Dad into another fit of laughter. After his laughter subsided, Theresa told Dad that it was completely unfair for Nathanael to not get a prize when he soooooo obviously won the contest. After searching the house a few minutes, Dad finally came up with the idea to give Nathanael a quarter for his prize.

As we sang that night, Nathanael looked extremely happy as he played with his quarter. From this event, we have all realised that sarcasm is completely lost on our Nathanael.


Jaffe said...

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Angela said...

That was VERY funny!! THANK YOU for the laugh. It's been quite stressful around here so I really needed that one!!

Angela said...

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Crystina said...

Thanks so much for the comment and the tip! I took that advice and now anyone can post!
I'm glad the post made you laugh, it sure made us laugh too!
Thanks again,

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